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Why is there no empirical evidence for the supernatural?

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Is the Truth Really Out There?

We believe, or want to believe, in life after death.

We believe, or want to believe that there are supernatural beings out there that walk the earth.

We believe that 99 percent or more of the "evidence" that prove the existence of such beings are bunk.

We do not accept evidence such as lights, magnetometers, cold spots and the like as proof of anything but light, magnetic fields and temperature changes.

We do not accept evidence such as spheres, strings, or other traditionally held beliefs as anything other than photographic anomalies.

We believe that there is evidence "out there," but man has yet to find it.

We believe we can.


What is the Skeptical Believer?

Do you remember that poster hanging in Mulder's office that said, "I want to believe?"

That poster encapsulates everything we stand for here at The Skeptical Believer. We want to believe that spirits walk the earth long after their bodies have passed. We really want to be able to understand and know that there is a spiritual plane beyond the one we're living on.

We want someone to convince us that there is some believable evidence of ghosts.

To date, we haven't found any that convinces us. Cold spots are cold spots, and only evidence of spiritual phenomena because tradition states that they are.

This is akin to saying the speed of light is a constant, and we know this because my dad said so, so we use it as scientific fact.

Obviously, the speed of light is a scientific constant, and we know it not through hearsay, but because of centuries of scientific research. Trial and error, hypothesis and disproof that dates back to Newton and Galileo and before. We can look at and read the experiments upon which this finding was based, and come to our own conclusions, usually the same conclusions those great men came to.

But where is the research for ghosts and spiritualism? Where are the refereed trade journals? How can we know, really know whether ghosthunter findings are true proof of the spiritual, or just flashes and anomalies in the laws of physics?

Cold spots, magnetic field changes, spheres, dupicate images on film, these are some of the "evidence" used to convince that spirits, ghosts and such phenomena are real, but who decided that's what they represent? Everything in the field smacks more of "tradition" that scientific theory. Ask a ghosthunter who first came up with idea that spheres are proof of the paranormal, and you will baffle them.

We at the Skeptical Believer are equally baffled by these methods. We believe that the only evidence of the spiritual will come from actual communication with a ghost. Preferably open, verbal, out loud communication. To our knowledge, this has never happened.

But if it has, we plan to find out. How, you ask?

Stay tuned.


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